Website Design

At The Law Forum we understand how law firms work. We also understand the key components of good web site design: logical architecture, intuitive navigation, aesthetic page layout, and powerful presentation.

Today, developing and maintaining a powerful web presence is a critical investment for law firms to make and is one of the most effective ways to grow a client base without incurring large internal overhead costs. Choosing the right web design firm, however, is vital to ensuring success the first time around and that your web strategy delivers the results you're looking for.

Our strategic design philosophy, which has stood the test of time for over fourteen years, is founded first upon understanding the specifics of how your law firm works, who your target audience is, what your web site objectives are, and how you define success at the end of the day. We also take a look at your competition to understand who they are as well as what differentiates you from them. With this information in hand we are equipped to develop a powerful web site design specifically tailored to your law firm that is designed to engage potential clients, build their confidence in your capabilities and encourage them to contact you.

The Law Forum designs sites that scale well over time and are easy to manage. You can be confident that your web site design or redesign will be an important driver of an improved bottom line for your firm.

We create powerful websites that work.