Web Site Design, Development &
Marketing Consultants for Law Firms

At The Law Forum we are a group of experienced Web Site Design, Content Development and SEO Marketing consultants dedicated to working exclusively with law firms. We collaborate with our clients to develop high impact web sites that deliver powerful results.

  • Website Design

    A powerful web presence can help grow your client base without incurring large internal overhead costs. Learn how our strategic design philosophy can work for your practice. Read More »

  • Content Development

    Relevant, informative, well written content sets you apart from the competition, creates a valuable asset for your clients and engages potential new clients. Read More »

  • Marketing

    Our SEO, Pay Per Click (PPC) and Social Media Marketing programs make your website visible and provide the market reach you need to grow your business. Read More »

  • Consulting

    With over 75 years combined experience, our consultants can analyze and optimize your internal processes for dramatically improved efficiency and bottom line results. Read More »