Having a well designed website is important, but it is only one component of a strong online presence. A comprehensive Marketing strategy ensures visibility and provides the market reach you need to achieve the business results you're looking for.

At The Law Forum, we understand that having a great looking web site is only one piece of the puzzle. What is even more important is having a comprehensive Marketing strategy designed to optimize your site to achieve maximum visibility on the web.

Today, marketing a web site effectively is more complicated than ever. Optimizing for search engine placement, leveraging other marketing tools such as paid search engine advertising and developing a presence on the myriad of social media platforms available is no longer optional. It is required for businesses to play in the online arena successfully. The marketing services that we offer are designed to help your law firm do just that.

Search Engine Optimization

There are many elements that comprise an effective search engine optimization strategy. The first is having sound architecture and proper navigational elements. We will analyze your website from a technical perspective to be sure it is optimized for speed. We will also evaluate whether or not your site has an optimized internal linking structure, correct page naming syntax, keyword rich page content and effective marketing elements (title tags and descriptions). Once our assessment is complete we will recommend and implement a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy designed to maximize your opportunity to secure visible ranking on the major search engines.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Management

The ability to secure top placement in the organic listings across the major search engines is dependent on many factors including the vertical markets your firm practices in, what the rest of the competition is doing, the length of time that your site has been in existence and, of course, the ever changing algorithms that search engines use to rank web sites. Sometimes, in order to get placement on the first page or the top slots of the major search engine sites, businesses need to turn to Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising with Google and Bing. We can assess your need for PPC Advertising and establish, monitor and manage your campaigns for you.

Social Media

Social media is playing an ever increasing role in how companies do business, increase market reach and stay competitive in today's world. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogs are all components of an effective social media presence. Whether you need help developing, maintaining or modifying an existing program we help can tailor a specific strategy for your firm.

Using Social Media to extend your market reach is no longer optional.